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Screen_shot_2012-06-12_at_1.27.10_PMUsing an eclectic approach that incorporates coaching, counselling and or therapy, enables me to support you to move forward and change any underlying beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Enabling you to have the life that you choose.


You can access my confidential personal and executive coaching and counselling in an individual setting, face to face or by telephone or Skype. Focusing on the here and now, we can deal with your current issues to create solutions that lead to a more fulfilling life. In the beginning we create a vision of what you want in the future and I support you as you move forward to achieve that vision.

My role is to walk beside you, empowering you with the skills, tools and confidence to move through any blocks so you can live your vision, and achieve the changes in your personal and professional life that you’re after. The fundamental principle I live by is “life by design not default” and I often ask my clients and myself “What great things would you attempt if you knew you could never fail?”.

How I work with you:

Although I work face to face, most of my work is done remotely with people in both Australia and overseas using Skype, and the telephone. My clients seem to love this because it assists them to manage their time, business, families and life without having the additional pressures of travel and time. As well as being able to access my services from anywhere in the world. I’m happy to work outside of business hours to accommodate your lifestyle pressures, and help you to manage your schedules.

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