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With over 15 years training, it is my experience that for people to have solid change in the ‘here and now’, and create the life that they’ve dreamed of, change needs to take place on 3 levels/planes:


         Spiritual  - use this to describe the creative process that allows us     to receive all that the universe has to offer.

         Emotional/Mental - which is the process that goes on between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

         Physical - here I focus on the environment, family systems, our childhood, all the events that have shaped our lives.


My style whilst empathic, caring and sensitive can be direct and interactive, and focuses on uncovering the truth about the unconscious beliefs that stop you from creating what you want in your life. My ability to ask respectful questions enables us to uncover the situations from the past that retain the ability to affect you now. I constantly see my clients getting the best out of their sessions as I support them to develop the tools to improve their life and move on.


I have a strong clinical background in treating addictive behaviours and I am a strong advocate for the 12-step model.  So if you feel you are addicted to anything; food, anger, alcohol, television, saying yes or storing things I can assist you to take the appropriate steps to leave the addiction behind you.


My approach is consultative and therefore I am open to discussing processes that work best for you.


My own journey of healing has given me the strength and ability to create a safe and supportive space to empower you to move through the challenges that come with the change process. My commitment at all times is that I provide the ‘space’ for positive change in a collaborative way.  I can hold the mirror up to you to show how you are participating in the world. 

Your life then is about your choices rather than your reactions.

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