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Last year I sought Sharan out for counselling as I had reached a crossroad and felt that life was passing me by.  I hadnít been in a relationship for some time and my life appeared routine without any passion for life or love.  In our sessions Sharan was able to hold a mirror up to me to see how my unconscious beliefs were creating this situation.  She enabled me to become aware of the many things I wanted to have in my life and gently prodded me in the direction of attaining these things.  I now live in a new environment, have a new job and for the first time in years I am exploring a new relationship.  Sharanís help has been invaluable Ė she is very talented, she can be both kind and demanding and I recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve more joy in their lives.  

Public Service manager, Queensland.

Growing up in my home I learnt that abuse was the way people treated each other, at no stage did I learn that I deserved to be with a man that loved and respected me, never mind how to lovingly relate, respectfully and kindly.  I remember all the times Sharan was there, teaching me how to say what I needed to say lovingly and most importantly gently, and with that, how to actually love and receive loved. At the core of it she worked with me to love myself and that was the miracle, because for a long time I didnít know how.  I have now been married for 3 years to one of the most wonderful men Iíve ever met, and have an amazing relationship filled with love and laughter and most importantly with mutual respect.  Sharan has in essence parented me back to health, teaching me how to relate in the world as a healthy person, for which I feel so blessed. 

Angela P. Sydney.

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